Nokia 3310 Smartphone Features and Specifications


Nokia 3310 Smartphone Features and Specifications :Nokia is all set to relaunch the iconic Nokia 3310, the smartphone that in modern world, memes are made of. Originally launched over a decade back, Nokia 3310 continues to rule minds and the mobile world with its amazing features. it was a simple device – that came with no frills. Being one of the first ever mobile models (there were no smartphones then, only mobile phones) the phone was a much coveted device. But even after other phones were launched and smartphones entered the picture, Nokia 3310 remained a loved device and turned into an iconic model simply for the basic features it offered and it’s longevity. And now that rumour has it that Nokia 3310 might be back, people simply cannot wait and the excitement is too high.

HMD Global, which presently hold the license for Nokia brand and also for manufacturing Nokia feature phones apparently plans ton revive a lot of the old Nokia series. While the once flagship Nokia N series is one of the top series expected to be relaunched, what has people more excited is the possible evolution of Nokia 3310. The feature phone is rumoured to see light of the day again and the new Nokia 3310 version 2.0 is said to be launched at Mobile World Congress 2017. Though there has been no official update from HMD for the same, the phone is now much anticipated. However, it is unclear if the Nokia 3310 2.0 will be a feature device or will it be a smartphone. But whatever the case, we only hope that Nokia does not forget these iconic features and the device stays true to the original Nokia 3310

1. Long Battery Life: Nokia 3310 was known for its long battery life and extra power. The mobile phone, once charged, could last easily for the entire day and even the next day – if you did not talk on it for too long. Keeping it on vibration mode did drain battery real fast but then, it also charged just as fast. The phone was honestly a blessing in the age of no portable chargers and you never really had to bother with hunting for a charger for the device as it really never ran out of juice. It was a couple’s blessing, the battery power and the one thing we truly wish the Nokia 3310 2.0 come with is long battery life. In the age of battery life in hours, it is definitely needed. A phone whose battery goes for 2 days without charge? We’re game!

2. Sturdiness: What happens to modern smartphones the moment they fall on the floor? You rush to check if the display is ok, if the phone is still working and if the phone is in one piece. But with the Nokia 3310, there were no such fears. The moment it fell on the floor, you simply picked it up and used it again. At the most, if the drop was considerable, the back would come off (this was the pre-non-removable battery era, you see) and you could use the phone right back after shutting the cover. The sturdiness of Nokia 3310 has been the stuff of modern internet memes. There is no way modern smartphones are as strong as the Nokia 3310, Gorilla Glass or not and we wish that the new Nokia 3310 come with strong body and a rugged design – without cracking or shattering.

3. The volume – The loudness of Nokia 3310 could wake your neighbour from a coma. The phone did not have the modern ringtone and came with only a few ringtone options (you can simply not forget the classic Nokia ringtone from the bygone days if you ever had a Nokia 3310). There was also the option to create your own ringtone and it was so much fun to experiment! That is one feature we simply miss and no, the plethora of apps cannot bring back the feel of typing on keys and experimenting with music. It definitely was more than fun and it surely helped musicians create quirky ringtones. When Nokia 3310 comes back, we wish the traditional ringtone with that crazy volume is back to and so are the different options to create themes.

A phone that fits in your pocket – Gosh, I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw one of these! Just a couple of days back the news was filled with leaks of Samsung Galaxy S8 – THE phone of 2017 and how it would be bigger and ahem, better. The thing a lot of us miss the most is the pocket friendlyness of the Nokia 3310. And also, having a phone that does not feel uncomfortable in your pocket. It is honestly like those sanitary napkin adverts where you can run, jump, dance and slay everything with a phone nestled comfortably in your pocket and not feeling uncomfortable. We only wish that HMD, by some miracle, makes the Nokia 3310 small and sweet once again. We would thank you for life HMD, we would!